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Fifty Five South

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Fifty Five South is a luxury furniture and home interiors brand from Premier Housewares.


Suppling to the retail and interiors industries, the brand showcases many curated collections, classic and opulent in nature but diverse in style.


I was asked to a create the branding while I was Senior Graphic Designer at Premier. The solution needed to lean into the luxurious and classic traits the majority of the product lines had, while also allowing to cater for the more contemporary and Scandinavian collections. This lead me try a traditional monogram as the brand mark, you can see some of the concepts along these lines below. I used an audience testing service to determine which mark resonated the most with our target audience.


The final branding features an elaborate mark but in a clean and minimal black and white palette. Using photography of interiors and rich textures to link opulence with the 55S mark in the minds of the viewers.

Images copyright Premier Housewares LTD.

The logos


Primary logo


Primary logo applied to catalogue covers.


Compact logo


Example of compact logo. Used in instances where the logo is required to be small. It also works as an alternative when the logo would work best in the corner of a composition.