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Fifty Five South Catalogues

Print & Interactive  |  Art Direction  |  Project Management

Images copyright Premier Housewares LTD.

Fifty Five South is a Luxury furniture and interiors brand from Premier Housewares LTD. I worked at Premier Housewares for six years until going freelance in 2020. Below are two catalogues intended for interior designers and trade buyers. They contain approximately 5,000 products and work from a dozen or so talented former colleagues of mine. As Senior Graphic Designer, I art directed and project managed the two catalogues; coordinating and collaborating with copyrighters, photographers, buyers, stylists and my own team of four other graphic designers.

I created templates for layouts and room for initiative in the artworking of each page, yet this would still be a mammoth task for a team of five designers to handle. The answer was to create a workflow that would involve automating the importing of data and images above of what you would expect from InDesign's 'data-merge' feature. I won't do into the nitty gritty but while I worked it out I also came up with a way to automate clickable links for all 5,000+ items. Below you'll see a a quick demo of how you can browse the downloadable PDF version.

Collection Pages

The collection pages are magazine-like spreads that precede the product listings. There are nineteen in total, three of mine are below.

Product Listing Pages