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Borland Music Tuition

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Borland Music Tuition was launched in late 2020 to enable musicians to teach and connect them with students. Providing the tutors with Borland’s learning materials and the students with the brand's signature tailored teaching method—bespoke courses to meet the particular goals of the learner.

The brand slogan 'Learn your sound' stems from this method. Informed by the unique creative aspirations of the students, BMT empower them with a learning plan to help them develop their musicianship and path to achieve their vision.

Guitar Pick Photo.png
Artboard 17_1200x-80.jpg

'B' Brand Mark

Overlapping guitar picks resemble Borland Music Tuition connecting musicians with learners.

Artboard 18.png
Billboard Subway BMT CROP.png

The visual style of the brand draws influence from the typography used on pedals, amps and various gear associated with the instruments Borland covers. Presenting itself in a way that shows energy and confidence, though aspirational photography and bold graphics and colour.

Artboard 10_1200x-80.jpg
Triple Poster Mock-up.png

Instrument Illustrations 

As part of the brief, these were created to be used for various purposes, representing each vocation.

Icon Mic.png
Icon Guitar.png
Icon Drums.png
Icon Bass.png
BMT WMD full screen.png
Artboard 6.jpg
BMT Poster Mock-up.png

Examples of lesson illustrations

Instructional Illustration 1 - Copy.png
Instructional Illustration 2 - Copy.png

Concept logos from brand development presented as 'gear' stickers.

Sticker Montage 1080w.png
Sticker Montage Wide.png

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